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What Does Flagging in Email Do?

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Keep all your emails well-organized and easily find them with flagging!

Does your life have to revolve around emails? If so, it never hurts getting to know more about flagging emails. In this post, all your questions in mind about flagging emails in Outlook or Gmail will have answers now. So, let’s start!

What Does Flagging An Email Mean?

One of the best ways to manage your emails is through flagging email. You can flag an email with high importance. That way, you can easily see which among your emails needs attention.

For instance, you have to reply to important emails, but you also need to do something more important. The best thing you can do here is to try flagging an email to remind yourself that you have to respond to those emails when you check back on your email account.

Flagging is among the widely uses features in emails. This feature can be toggled on and off. It is an impressive addition to your emails. You can use it as selecting emails, making it a quick reminder among emails.

The primary use of flagging is to mark important emails, which makes it a handy tool, especially if your inbox is flooded with various emails. It helps you quickly find your priority emails.

What Does Flagging An Email Do In Outlook?

Flagging an email is more than just marking priority emails; it has been a critical part of Outlook email and serves a lot of functions. It helps marketers to keep up with their email campaigns.

Once you click the “Add a reminder” option on your Outlook’s menu option, an Outlook option will pop up to act as the reminder window. You are also enabled to choose the time and date when setting up a reminder.

If you have due webmail, you can use the flag setting option to allow Starting and Due Dates. This option will impact the calendar once the flagged email appears in the “Task” and “To Do” lists.

Reminder about the Call to Action

Marketers perform flagging emails to interact with their potential clients. This tool helps remind their recipients about the call to action. For instance, if they want to remind their recipients about a deadline that approaches in five days, they are free to choose the time. After they set the date as five days from the day, a follow-up flag of the email is added from the date it was delivered.

A Self-Reminder

Outlook’s flag option enables you to set a reminder for yourself. Most marketers compile a bunch of emails before sending them to a number of recipients. Since you can quickly lose track of the last conversations with a specific recipient, a self-reminder brought by the flag option will help to remind yourself about the follow-up into important emails or leads.

Email Tracking in One Place

The flagged email list will keep on piling on overtime. Thankfully, you can organize and keep them to easily access them every time you want. You can use the “Task” option you can find at the bottom left-hand side of the window. It contains a list of all your tasks.

What Does Flagging An Email Do In Gmail?

With Gmail labels, you will have a very customizable and powerful way to organize and manage your emails. You can set your own flagging systems and label emails with ease.

When you first use a Gmail account, you will notice the different default labels such as Priority and Follow up. Instead of using them, you can take advantage of flag emails for a more personalized experience.

If Gmail stars are enough for you or the priority box is not your cup of team, there is another way to have a successful flagging. By clicking the label name from the left-hand menu and then drag and drop it onto the email, you can label a specific email with ease.

Your emails will remain in the inbox and clearly flagged. That way, you will not miss any important emails. For a more effective flagging, you can add a helpful name while ensuring that the label color is bright and bold. This will help you quickly notice the emails that require extra attention.

If you wish to get rid of a label, all you need to do is click on the “Cross” next to the label at the top of your email. If you want to keep the new flags where you can easily find them, try placing them under the Flag label’s top level. That is very useful, especially if you have lots of visible labels in the left-hand menu.

Hopefully, this post will help you manage your emails even better. The more emails you send and receive every day, the more flag option becomes more helpful.

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